During stressful times skin care is one of my areas of self-care that I focus on; it’s what nourishes and calms me, and I hope that it can serve the same purpose for you.  Many have reached out with concerns about, “seeing the stress” on their faces, or that they’re seemingly, “aging before their eyes”.  For those feeling these stressors, take a deep breath and know we’re here to support you.  

As the new season is upon us, it’s a seas...

Cleansing your face.
It is almost impossible to see improvement in your skin without a proper cleansing regimen morning and night. Cleansers clear and remove impurities, environmental build-up, make-up, and cellular debris. This gives the skin an opportunity to repair and recover. When the skin is cleansed properly it provides a canvas for serums and moisturizers to repair and improve the skin. 

Removing your makeup is a must.
Be sure to take...

Finally Fall has arrived, or maybe perhaps Winter…. 

How does this rapid change into a new season affect your skin? Well….when the temperature drops and humidity in the air becomes non-existent, we have an increase in what is called trans-epidermal water loss, (TEWL). Many factors can affect the amount of water that passively evaporates through the skin. This can cause problems with your skin’s ability to regulate its barrier function. The upper...

Jenn was recently interviewed by Emily, the blogger behind The Beauty in Type One's. To read the original feature and see her images from her visit at Beauty Mark click HERE.


If you know me you know I’m super into all things in the beauty world: makeup, skin care, hair care (though I’m not great at doing my hair lol). I used to blog a lot more about makeup and do tutorials but lately I’ve found more interest in sharing my experiences with di...

As the temperatures rise, the sun shines brighter and we are outside more it’s important to adjust our skincare routine.

• Clean your skin immediately after working out or sweating. Avoid letting the salt from sweat dry on your skin. Sweat and bacteria can mix together can cause breakouts, skin redness and irritation.

Exfoliate regularly to prevent build-up in your pores from sweat, sunscreens and makeup. Regular exfoliation equals brighter ski...

Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted an early spring, but here in Maine, we know winter likes to hold on! While winter can be a great time to have fun with layering, try a new hair color and cozy up by a fire, it can be a challenging time for your skin. As the temperature drops, there is less humidity in the air, which means dryer and tighter skin along with inflammation and congestion.

Rather than wrap your scarf up extra high and pray for the...

Here in Maine, winter and snow are (usually) a celebrated part of life. From skiing and snowboarding to snowmobiling and skating, when the temperatures drop, Mainers don’t hide indoors, we get outside!

All that activity is great for our health, but our skin can suffer from the harsh conditions. Rather than choose between your glow and the slopes, here is Beauty Mark's guide to skincare for winter sports.

What happens to skin in cold weather?


In my quest to stay healthy, I spend Sunday mornings at Jibe, Portland’s newest indoor cycling studio. After class this past Sunday, a fellow rider turned to me in the locker room and said, “I can never get my makeup off from the night before using these things.” The “things” she referred to were cleansing wipes. Of course, I immediately chimed in with my two cents--I couldn’t help myself! I recommended she use a cleanser in conjunction with a...


The sun is shining and I am dreaming of that bare-faced, no-makeup look where my skin appears dewey and golden and I throw on nothing but a swipe of lash slick as I float out the door in a summer-y dress and strappy sandals. Alas, my skin (aka my chin- the war zone) has decided to break out once more and I have been forced to carry a light BB cream with me at all times, despite my sweaty skin begging for a...


- Vanessa Golden, Beauty Mark Make-up Artist

Wedding season is nearly upon us. Many brides feel overwhelmed when it comes to finding someone to do their make-up on their big day. We've created these friendly tips to help guide you through the process of selecting your make-up artist and choosing your look for your big day. Don...

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