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Click Here to read the full article and learn the truth about skin care vs. the myths.


Skin care professionals and consumers alike are bombarded daily with a myriad of information about skin care, skin science and skin health from the media, manufacturers and an ever-increasing number of physicians, all attempting to justify that what they profess and advocate is the truth and nothing but the truth. Sometimes claims are accurate and sometimes they aren’t. More often than not, the truth may lie somewhere in between.


Everyone from late-night television host David Letterman to mass-market publications proudly announce their top 10 lists. Well, this is no different except that it focuses on 30 skin care myths. The following list offers up a variety of skin care facts—not in priority order—that may well call into question some common beliefs and long-held traditions. See how many you agree with as you review the list. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but hopefully it will inspire thinking about what is real and how you know it is real and also inspire you to question those making a variety of claims about products, ingredients and the science behind them. Your role as a skin care professional has a large educational component that mandates remaining current

in the field, as well as providing education on skin health to clients and patients. Sharing these myths with clients will help to strengthen your credibility as a skin care expert. Remember, you are not selling hope in a jar, but rather providing realistic and truthful solutions to help deal with extrinsic and intrinsic aging.



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