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Dr. Fernandes: World Renown Plastic Surgeon ~ Creator of Environ Skin Care

* In 1973 he joined the world famous heart transplant unit, fortunate to be part of the world's first heart transplant and was responsible for the "piggy back" or "double" heart transplant illustrations

* For 21 years he was also the consultant in charge of the clef lip and palate division at the Red Cross Children's Hospital, Cap Town SA

* Dr. Fernandes is world renown as the creator of the scarless facelift and hanging sutures

* 1979 commenced private practice to focus on Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

* After a tragic experience with melanomas, Dr. Fernandes began his devotion to studying the mechanism of skin cancer

* In 1982 began his trials with Retinioic Acid (form of Vitamin A) for it's incredible normalizing and skin cancer prevention properties

*  1982-1985, realized the concept of combining Vitamin A with Antioxidants and requirement for sun protection

* By 1986 Dr. Fernandes had uncovered all the positive properties of Vitamin A and antioxidants and started to actively promote the prevention of skin cancer

* 1988 began the public use of his formulate Vitamin A products

* 1989 his letter on the use of Vitamin A was published in South African Medical Journal and word continued to spread world-wide

* In 1989, the step-up system was born. Dr. Fernandes was the first to develop effective vitamin A cosmetic products in a step-up system

* 1990, Environ the company was born

* 1992 was the beginning of his unique, superior sun-care products for sun protection and unrivaled free-radical scavenging system of essential antioxidants

* In 1997, Environ launched the superior C-Quence line with higher concentrations of essential vitamins & highest quality ingredients and continues to manufacture weekly for the freshest, most effective products

* The first DF Machine was launched in 1998 and remains the most effective sonophoresis and inotophoresis device for enhanced product penetration

* As superior products continue to be developed and launched, the Environ Skin Care Institute "Fulela" opened it's doors for extensive clinical trials and research

* With continual research and pioneering developments in the are of needling devices, the first Cosmetic Roll-CIT was launched in 2002 and Environ's Sister company was born to house their medical division. "Vivida" also creates complementary products including a vitamin supplement range and team#7 plastic surgeon in the world

* In 2005 RBSI, Renaissance Body Science Institute, opened its doors; a dedicated team of medical, therapeutic, cosmetic, fitness and lifestyle experts specializing in the art of science of well-being

* Continual product launches enhance the Environ line throughout the years

* 2009 brings a cluster of advancements: the DF II Machine was launched along with the launch of the Cosmetic Focus-CIT, and the Swiss Vitamin Institute (SVI) endorsement puts Environ again at the forefront of the cosmetic industry

* 2010, with the 20 year celebration of Environ, the Body Roll-CIT is launched for cosmetic, medical and surgical treatments for lax skin, scarring and stretch marks

* As a founding member of the Look Good Feel Better Foundation, Environ held its own, Unzip the Beauty Campaign encouraging consumers to contribute and also contributed more than R1 millions of products to the Look Good Feel Better workshops

* The newest Environ manufacturing facility was completed in 2013 with state of the art technology and superior pharmaceutical qualities including hepa filtration, reverse osmosis water purification and nitrogen blanket protection

- No artificial colourants

- No artificial fragrances

- No preservatives added during manufacture

- Freshest products in the World with expiration dates assuring the highest quality efficacious vitamins, antioxidants, growth factors, peptides and other ingredients

* Certified by the Swiss Vitamin Institute

* Exported to over 70 countries

* Award winning education and customer service

* Select stockists with medical affiliation and commitment to skin health






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