Being a teenager is difficult enough; having challenging skin during this time can add unwanted frustration & embarrassment. With so many different products on the market today, & all of the DIY advice on the internet, it can be difficult to figure out what's best for your skin. The good news is that Beauty Mark is here to help!  We’ve narrowed it down to bring you our top 10 tips, based on our years of experience working on teenage skin.



1) Regularly clean anything that touches your face!

You’ve likely been told not to touch your face, in order to prevent the spread of bacteria, but have you considered the other culprits within your daily routine? For example, the simple act of pressing your cell phone up to your cheeks can spread oil, bacteria, and makeup. Cleansing the screen on a regular basis can reduce the ill effects. Likewise, your pillowcase is also a source of bacteria, so if your skin is oily and cystic, consider changing it frequently – as much as daily, if warranted


2) Remove your makeup! 

Never, and we mean never, go to sleep with your makeup on. Leaving your makeup on at night will clog your pores and you will not be doing your nighttime skincare routine. At night is when your skin rests in your body temperature rises, this is when skincare products repair the skin.


3) Wash your skin immediately after physical activity! 

Don’t allow sweat to dry on the skin as this will cause inflammation, redness, irritation and more congestion. We recommend soaking cotton rounds in toner and keeping them on hand in a plastic baggie. It’s an easy way to ensure you’ll be able to remove excess sweat from your skin on the go!


4) Resist the temptation to over-dry your skin to reduce blemishes! 

Your skin wants to heal itself, and by drying out the surface, you’re actually trapping the infection within the skin and making it harder for it to heal. As difficult as it may be, allow the skin to expel the infection. It may be unsightly in the short-term, but it will ensure long-term skin health.

5) Use moisturizer; don’t dry out your skin! 

Your skin needs a water based moisturizer to stay healthy and balanced. If the skin is not hydrated, the water levels are disrupted, leading to dehydration. This process could cause more breakouts by stimulating additional oil production.

6) Be mindful when washing your hair!  

If you’re suffering from back acne, your shampoo and conditioner might be the culprit. We recommend thoroughly washing your back after using shampoo and conditioner to ensure the product doesn’t remain on the skin.  For ladies, it’s helpful to clip up your hair after shampooing to ensure any product residue rinses thoroughly from your back.

7) Limit Dairy consumption!

For clients that have cystic acne around their jaw line, dairy often can be to blame. Your body takes a long time to digest dairy. There is some theory that the hormones in dairy products can affect our own hormone levels. Typically breakouts along the jawline are evidence of this. Try omitting dairy for a couple of weeks and keep a food diary to see if there is a pattern between certain foods and your skin irritations.


8) Embrace sunscreen! 

Remember, a tan is actually a scar; it’s a reflection of damage or trauma to the skin. By avoiding sunscreen, you may be more susceptible to long-term skin damage and even scarring. Often those with acne-prone skin will forgo sunscreen, but that’s a mistake.  Typically, an acne scar can last as long as 2 months, but by eliminating sunscreen from your daily routine, it could persist even longer.  This is true even during Winter months.



9) Don’t over-exfoliate the skin!  

Acne is inflammation; if you scrub your skin or treat it like the kitchen floor, it will be angry and take a long time to heal. Charcoal masks are popular right now, but be mindful when using them. Although, they are marketed towards purifying your pores, they can actually burn your skin and dry out the epidermis. When you have blackheads and whiteheads, they need to come up and out of the body. When you over-dry the skin’s surface, you can actually trap skin congestion and cause more inflammation.


10) Drink plenty of water! 

Every day we need to drink a half ounce of water for every pound of body weight. Water is great to help us detoxify, and to keep our skin clear and hydrated. Consume the recommended volume of water daily, and you’ll be surprised at the positive effects on your complexion.










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