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Here in Maine, winter and snow are (usually) a celebrated part of life. From skiing and snowboarding to snowmobiling and skating, when the temperatures drop, Mainers don’t hide indoors, we get outside!


All that activity is great for our health, but our skin can suffer from the harsh conditions. Rather than choose between your glow and the slopes, here is Beauty Mark's guide to skincare for winter sports.


What happens to skin in cold weather?

When you’re outside in cold weather, your skins protective barrier is being compromised by wind, dry air, extreme temperature changes and UV rays from snow reflection and high altitude. A little exposure, like a short walk, won’t produce noticeable damage, but continued exposure, like a weekend of skiing, can result in skin that is red, cracked, irritated and UV damaged. The key to helping your skin survive outdoors is protecting that barrier!


How can I protect my skin while participating in winter sports?

Protect your skin’s barrier. It’s easier said than done when you’re in and out of the lodge having fun shredding it. I advise clients to start with their preferred serums, follow with a rich moisturizer or a clear hydrating mask such as the mask Vernix from Biologique Recherche, then layer a physical SPF. I love Colore Science tinted SPF broad spectrum 30. This will lock in moisture and keep dry air out.


How do I prevent breakouts during skiing? 

One of the biggest skin misconceptions I hear related to skiing and other winter sports is that if you’re cold, you’re not sweating. Most of my clients would never dream of not washing their face after a spin class but might wait hours to cleanse their skin after skiing. Even if you are cold, you are sweating, and you must treat your skin like you would after other forms of exercise. If you’re using a face mask, be sure to wash it after every use and keep goggles clean by wiping them with alcohol.


The biggest risk…frostbite!

Frostbite is by far the most serious risk to your skin if you are participating in winter sports. It is dangerous and even a small amount can cause long term damage. When you are outside for long periods of time in extreme cold be sure to cover all exposed skin and be mindful for the first signs of frostbite. If your skin feels warm, that means damage is already happening.


Feeling dry or irritated from your winter sports? Treat your skin to a customized facial at Beauty Mark.





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